Stephen Hinkle, a well respected international speaker and self advocate, has been presenting and speaking for over 16 years. He has inspired audiences, successfully advocated for inclusive education and better outcomes for people with special needs, and assisted others on how to help people with disabilities.     Stephen has spoken at many conferences and events in 24 US States, plus Australia. 

Stephen is currently a board member of the Autism Society of San Diego

Stephen is Featured on Dr D Radio:

Stephen Hinkle is available for speaking engagements all over the country. He currently speaks on topics related to kids with special needs and ways of supporting them.

Some of his audiences have included:

  • K-12 Schools
  • School Districts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Youth Groups
  • Disability Organizations


On the menu bar on the left you can click on "Booking Information" to inquire about havi Stephen to speak at your organization. You can also click on the various presentation topics to learn about them.

Stephen Hinkle acts as an advocate to parents and children who need representation and guidance in creating an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP), Individualized Education Plan (IEP), or Individualized Transition Program (ITP) meeting. Stephen is very familiar with the supportive adaptations and services offered by school districts and special education departments that can be utilized to achieve the goals laid out in an IFSP/IEP/ITP.


Stephen's unique outlook is beneficial in evaluating policies and programs already offered by schools, disability agencies, and organizations.  Stephen's expertise can be utilized in re-designing programs and policies to better serve the special needs population.  


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