Stephen is available for speaking engagements for many types of audiences including schools, school districts, parents, disability advocacy associations, conferences, states, policy administrators, youth groups and others.


Fee Schedule:

Large Conference with Travel out of the Area $1500 per day
Small Conference $750 per day
Webiniar Presentation $400
Special Education Consulting $600 per day
IFSP / IEP / ITP Plan $250
Technical Support

$25 per hour



  • A/V Requirements:
    • LCD Projector (can bring my own for smaller rooms if needed)
    • Microphone for larger rooms
    • AC Power connection

  • If Presenting through Video Conference / Webiniar as opposed to traveling, the following are required:
    • Host must decide on which software they will use for the Webiniar and provide it
    • If a software installation on presenters side is needed, the host must send the download site URL, or send a CD-ROM, flash drive, or other media containing the installer program in advance to presenter
    • A connection / bandwidth test will be required prior to the actual presentation time