Disability Awareness for K-12 and Adults

Learn about what it is like to have a disability and what is special education from a student’s perspective.  Understand that disabilities can make one unique!  The audience will understand how to interact with and understand people who may be different than you.   Topics included range from good disability etiquette, to communicating with people who use alternative communication systems.   Kids as young as kindergarten can learn about how some children benefit from special education services at a vocabulary level they can understand! 

Today, many children aren't taught about the kids who may have special needs and how to better support them, and to accept that people having a disability is part of today's society.    Just because one can't talk, uses a wheelchair, communicates using assistive technology, or leaves class to attend a special education service, doesn't mean they are stupid or don't deserve respect.     As we work toward the age of inclusive education, this means that kids with special needs are going to interact with normal kids, and as the result they need to understand what having a disability means.


Suggested Audience:   K-12 School Children, Adults

Length:  Customizable from 10 minutes to 1.5 hours.